With One Voice: Awaken to the Reality That Unites Us All


"Breathtakingly beautiful images!"

"I felt my heart opening and taking in the nectar of beauty, love and peace."

"Inspiring!" It strengthens my own sense of purpose and my optimism for the future of our planet."

Accolades"A MUST- SEE for anyone with an open heart."

"An exquisitely beautiful film."

"One of those experiences filled with awe that leaves you speechless."

"Finally, a collection of wisdom and insight in one place!"

"A true gift to all spiritual seekers."

Accolades"The timely message is evocatively communicated, both by the words and images. It’s impossible not to be moved."

"With One Voice offers a message of hope that is greatly needed in our world today."

"It’s like gliding on a stream, being carried to the Divine without effort."

"The message is profound!"

"It is a beautiful clear message, and my heart was filled with great spaciousness and hope in the watching."

"My heart and mind have been further opened by seeing and hearing these insightful mystics."

Accolades"It brought me to tears.  It made me feel like my experience was part of something much larger than just one person's experience."   

"I just watched the film last night - what an utterly magnificent gift. I sat in the dark for maybe an hour afterwards trying to absorb even a taste of what I heard. You have given us a 'pearl of great price,' as they say... something that will only grow richer with time."

"With One Voice is fabulous! Really beautifully conceived, shaped, filmed. Moving and inspiring."