With One Voice: Awaken to the Reality That Unites Us All
The Crew

Executive Producer - Matthew Flickstein
A former psychotherapist, Matthew Flickstein founded The Forest Way, Inc. in 1993. He has been practicing and teaching Insight Meditation for over thirty-two years. Matthew has studied with teachers from many spiritual traditions and at one time was ordained as a monk in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. In 1982, he co-founded the Bhavana Society Monastic and Meditation Center in West Virginia. He currently travels internationally, leading retreats, teacher training programs and spiritual pilgrimages.

Matthew has published two books, Journey to the Center: A Meditation Workbook and Swallowing the River Ganges: A Comprehensive Practice Guide to the Path of Purification, through Wisdom Publications. A revised edition of Swallowing the River Ganges, entitled The Meditator’s Atlas: A Roadmap to the Inner World, was released by Wisdom in June of 2007.

Director/Director of Photography - Eric Temple
A native of California, Eric graduated from Northern Arizona University and began a seventeen year career as a producer and executive producer for television stations in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Baltimore and San Francisco. In 1992 he formed his own production company, Canyon Productions, in Bethesda, Maryland. Eric has since produced and directed the award-winning PBS documentary Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness, co-directed the PBS documentary The Mystery of Chaco Canyon, and most recently produced Hearts on the Line, a concert documentary for singer/songwriter Tom Russell. In addition to his work on With One Voice, Eric is currently directing a new film with Tom Russell, a documentary on cowboy culture entitled California Bloodlines.

Co-Producer – Carol Flickstein
As a counselor and mediator, the heart of Carol's work has been to empower individuals to resolve conflict peacefully. Over the years, she has facilitated complex workplace disputes, established community-based conflict resolution programs, and conducted communication enhancement workshops. She has also edited several books related to personal and spiritual development. In 1993, Carol co-founded The Forest Way, Inc., and currently serves as Program Manager for the organization.

As co-producer of the documentary With One Voice, Carol continues to manifest her vision of bringing greater peace and harmony to the world. In support of the filming project, she has researched funding opportunities, produced promotional and distribution materials, and executed public relations campaigns. In addition, she has worked in tandem with the executive producer to prepare and facilitate teacher interviews, and to make decisions regarding the direction of the film.

Technical Producer / Editor - Brian Moore
Brian Moore is a multi-faceted professional with over twenty-five years of production experience. While serving as senior editor for DC-based Henninger Media Services, Moore contributed his editorial talents to programs airing on PBS, National Geographic Television, the Discovery Channel and other major networks. Moore continues to lend his creative eye and editorial talents to major documentary and entertainment programming.

Writer - Judith Nielsen
A scriptwriter for over thirty years, Judith brings to the project a wide range of experience in both television and film media. Her award-winning work includes documentaries and movies for CBS, ABC, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Television. She has collaborated with such esteemed directors as Emmy/Oscar winner John Korty, and the classical film icon Frank Capra, and has worked as a screenwriter at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch.

In addition, she has been a lifelong student of spiritual traditions and teachers and has written numerous plays and programs on mysticism for The Consortium of the Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting spiritual awareness through the Fine Arts. She offers the unique blend of insight into mystical experiences and the subtle workings of a spiritual teacher, with an exceptional scriptwriting resume.

Narrator – Peter Coyote
Actor and narrator Peter Coyote has performed in ninety films and has lent his Emmy-winning voice to over 120 documentaries and sixteen audio books. His Voice Over credits include episodes for the PBS series American Experience, A&E Biography, and National Geographic as well as the critically acclaimed documentary Enron, the Smartest Guys in the Room. Peter has enthusiastically committed to serving as narrator of With One Voice.

Composer - Michael Josephs
Michael Josephs has composed and conducted original scores and music for over 200 films and network television programs. His recent credits include scores for Wild Kingdom (Grizzly Encounters), National Geographic (The Road, Chasing The Great White), Animal Planet (the series Thoroughbred), The Discovery Channel (Decisions That Shook The World), and PBS (Emmy Award winners Shooting Back and A Call To Care).

In 2001 Michael received a National Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music for his score for the Animal Planet series Thoroughbred. He has received numerous other awards.

He has contributed a completely original score for With One Voice.