With One Voice: Awaken to the Reality That Unites Us All

Revered TeachersSynopsis

Only in recent times has it been possible to make the world’s vast spiritual teachings available to a global audience, and to create a dialogue between its most revered teachers. Now, for the first time, they appear together in one film; their comments woven together in a provocative tapestry of wisdom and promise. These heralds of a Golden Age explore together the possibilities for the evolution of a humanity that can live in peace. Call it God, Divine Reality, The Absolute, or any of the other identifiers human language has attached to it, mystics speak of one unifying thread that links and transcends all peoples and all religions, dissolving their apparent differences.

Revered TeachersIn this groundbreaking film contemporary mystics share their common vision of that essence, and invite us to see beyond our illusionary separateness. If we do, they say, there is no problem we cannot solve. Ultimately their voices lead and exhort us to hear not just their united voice, but the One Voice within us all.